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Established in 2000, NECS is a design office composed of engineers and scientists from the world of applied research. Specialized in expertise and consulting, its skills are centered on the use of digital tools for the modeling of civil engineering materials and structures behavior.

Our missions are made of various types of services: structural diagnosis under severe sollicitations using advanced modeling, retrofitting design solutions and consolidation, feasibility studies and new project design, as well as technical assistance with project management.

The diversity of technical topics mastered by NECS engineers (earthquake, climate action, blast and projectile impact, long-term behavior and estimated lifetime), the concern for the service quality and the availability to our customers define the distinctive features of the company.

Another strong feature, part of NECS' DNA, is its continuous effort in innovation, both in technology and in organization of its production process. Thus NECS has made significant investments for over ten years, with industrialization of its calculation tools and the development of innovative methods, which allow today to carry out industrial applications from the simplest to most complex, combining expertise, modeling preparation, numerical analysis, results processing and interpretation in compliance with normative standards. In this scheme, the Code_Aster solver and a few other free modeling software and results processing constitute the heart of the study platform developed by NECS.

NECS is also involved in many research programs, representing over 25% of its business. These activities also integrate various theorical knowledge-sharing, development and use of simulation tools as well as participation in the animation of collaborative community in the construction field, including validation operations and qualification of tools and methods.

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